nichole (xshootingstars) wrote,

As of late my life consists of wake up work school babysitting and trying to sleep and get some homework accomplished. ive been working 30-38 hours the last three weeks and then 14-16 hours of actual class a week, depending on home much my internet english class has on it, babysitting 10-15 hours or more and then fitting in everything else. in other news i got my nails done.

i havent seen my friends in years, lyssa is coming home i NEED to hang out with her, i miss her, havent seen Sage in a few weeks either, and ive seen Julia once i think and talked to her a few times, Sarah and i arejessica ive talked to bailey and Mary i have not. jonathan a little, and millions of others, bah

hope to see everyone at JULiA's on the 21st. fuck yea. going to take off work that night. i know jessica and i are going. mentioned it to jonathan. if lyssa is iin town she should go. and i want to get sage and carmen to go.

yea so. updating for the first time in forever first time i have had a night off from everything. watched a recorded everwood on dvr. and am so excited for the season.
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